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Kennametal HTS Indexable Drill System Illinois

Kennametal’s HTS Indexable Drills are designed to drill holes 1 OxD and with inclexable inserts in steel, cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, and nonferrous materials. HTS Drills are capable of producing hole diameters up to 270 mm or 10.63″.

Features and Benefits

Modular in Design

  • Cartridges in drilling head are adjustable for size range control.
  • General-purpose and finishing cartridges available as standard to minimize operations.
  • Extensions are standard for increased depth capability.
  • Through coolant standard to aid in chip removal and increased insert life.
  • Can be used in stationary or rotating applications for versatility.

Easy Insert Change

  • Robust pocket design requires only a simple wrench for insert removal.
  • Multiple grades and geometries available.

Tailored Grades and Geometries

  • New KC7815 and KC7820 grades offer multi-layer CVD and KC 7140 with advanced PVD coatings for improved performance in steel.
  • 5 DFT geometries standard for cutting performance and superior chip control.
  • Grades and geometries can be tailored in each pocket for improved performance.
  • HSS pilot drills are available to optimize productivity. Carbide pilot drills available on request.


  • Wear pads can be added for increased stability.
  • Fully engineered custom solutions available.

HTS deep hole drilling system expanded

With the introduction of Kennametal’s new HTS-DFR product, the drilling range of the HTS system has been extended down to a  1.575 (40mm) diameter.  The range of the system is now 1.575 – 10.63 (40 – 270 mm).

  • Five new heads with DFR inserts cover the range of 1.575 (40mm) to 2.165 (55mm)
  • Up to 30% higher feed rates are possible with DFR inserts compared to trigon insert
  • DFR heads use outer cartridges that may be ground to produce the desired cutting diameter
  • Four standard grades on two insert geometries are available to optimize the productivity of your application
  • Better chip control is now possible with the DFR insert geometry
  • Basic shanks provide adequate chip space
  • Inch and metric basic shanks are standard
  • New extentions and reducers complete the system
  • Solid carbide and HSS pilot drills are available to match the cutting conditions to your specific applications

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