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Panel Pilot Plunge Router Bits Chicago

Plunge easily through panels and router with ease with panel pilot plunge router bits from General Cutting Tools in Illinois servicing Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and the rest of the US.

Stagger Tooth Panel Pilot with Plunge Point Router Bits
Stagger tooth version of our standard two flute panel pilot which gives greater speed and stock removal than our single flute with the strength of a two flute bit.

Panel Pilot Plunge with Two Pilots and Hardened Boring Point Router Bit
Carbide tipped with two pilots and plunge hardened boring point thicker material and fast cutting.  This enables the cutter to be guided by jigs or the inner frame from the top, middle or bottom of the cutter.  These are very useful cutters for motor body building, caravans and boat building.

Stagger Tooth Plunge Panel with Center Pilot Router Bits
This version of the panel pilot has a stagger tooth configuration for fast, clean cuts, coupled with a solid pilot between the cutting edges.  Designed specifically for the RV manufacturing industry to cut openings in ceilings and sidewalls, it can be used in any setup that has a template between the materials to cut.

Stagger Tooth Plunge Cutting Router Bits
Two cutting edges spaced 180° apart, each half the length of its flute.  One extends from the tip to the middle of the flute, the other from the middle to end.  The configuration combines the cutting speed and chip clearance of a single flute bit with the finish of a double flute bit.  These tools are excellent for cutting dense or abrasive man-made materials and panel goods.

Panel Pilot Router Bits
These panel pilot bits have a pointed tip for plunge cuts, a concave grind for speed and an integral solid pilot.  It is designed for fast cut out work and is used extensively in the mobile home and RV industries.  The single flute version cuts fast and produces an excellent finish.

High Speed Steel Panel Pilot Router Bits
The ultimate boring and pilot bit!  These HSS panel pilot bits are long lasting and perfect for mobile homes, modular homes and the RV industries.  These router bits are ideal for wood panels, vinyl coated panels, wood panels and aluminum layered materials.  Spiral down cut design tools eject the chips away from the operator.  These are perfect for drywall, wallboard, vinyl coated panels, aluminum and plywood sandwich panels.

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